We are now offering members bonus bets in the form of 3 new systems (2 x Lays and 1 x Backing). These are known as 2020 VISION bets.

These methods are the result of a concerted effort to provide lower priced Lays and more Higher Strike Rate bets as subscribers have made it clear that they prefer lower risk Lays and the better strike rate the H.S.R. service provides when Backing.

The lay systems run consecutively, one for the flat and one for the national hunt season, only overlapping for a few days at the end of March. The Backing system provides selections all year round and is very selective.

The Lays expect to make around 150 points a year between them. The extra Backing bets should add around 20 points to the H.S.R., whilst maintaining a strike rate above 30%.

Please note that the Lay selections are available at the foot of the 360 Lays page and the Back bets below the H.S.R. selections. Both services commenced 1st October, 2020.

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