Our recommended stakes range from £5 to £50 on the Backing Service bets, with an average of £15. These should only be increased when the bank has trebled.
We then recommend you double the advised stakes until the bank has trebled again. If you choose to follow our advice (and results are favourable) this means that you will have increased your initial bank from £5,000 to £45,000.  Once you reach this figure, you should double the stakes again and a decent year should then yield around £20000. However, please note that there are no guarantees in horse racing and we cannot guarantee your returns. Also, please remember NEVER to bet with money you cannot afford to lose (just in case!). Please see the “user agreement” for full details.
Of course, you may decide to follow these selections using level stakes. This may result in a larger profit, although you may also experience larger reductions in your bank along the way.
For the Higher Strike Rate service, we recommend you begin with £20 bets (assuming a bank of £2000). Don’t worry, it is extremely unlikely that you will need anywhere near that much as this service has a very high strike rate (around 33%) and if you follow our advice and use Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers, your profits will grow very nicely. Indeed, you will very soon be backing using the bookie’s own  money. To this end, do not place any bets larger than £20 with any one bookmaker.
No stakes are advised for the Lay services, other than to suggest that you use level stakes, not liability, as this ensures your risk more accurately reflects the chance of a pay-out. However, a fixed liability approach is likely to give a “smoother” ride should you prefer this method of staking. Please see the Laying Service page for details of the average profits of the respective systems.
Of course, the same caveat applies to the Higher Strike Rate and Lay services, in that we cannot guarantee returns.
As mentioned on the Home page, the Full Service makes around 700 points in a decent  year. That is if you follow each back and lay selection with level stakes. A few of the lays are duplicated and a tiny percentage have 3 times the stake.

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