The amount you are able to set aside is of course a matter for you to decide. For the Backing Service the advised stakes are based on a starting bank of £3000, although we sincerely hope you will never need to touch the vast majority of it !! If your initial bank is £3000 then we recommend you follow the advised stakes to begin with.

However, should you choose to start out with a different size bank, our Backing Service selections are also advised in points – ranging from 1 to 10. Simply divide your initial bank by 1,000 and that gives you the value for 1 point. So for example, if you start with a bank of £2,000, a 1 point bet is £2 and the maximum bet of 10 points would equate to £20.

Should you choose to sign up for the Higher Strike Rate service, we recommend you start with 50 times your stake. So if you want to place £20 bets to begin with, then a bank of £1000 is suggested.

For each of our Lay services, we recommend a minimum bank of 250 times the stake you are willing to accept. So, if you start with £2 bets you will need a £500 bank. If you want to take £10 bets you will need £2500 and so on.

These are simply guidelines. The best advice we can give you regardless of your starting bank is “Don’t be too eager to increase your stakes. Wait until you have a bad run, THEN decide when to change them and by how much.”

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