We hope to be able to answer all of your questions, so the most common ones are answered below. If your question is not listed here, simply contact us and we’ll get right back to you with the answer (well, within 24 hours anyway).

Staking & Results

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What is your strike rate?

Around 15% of our Backing Service selections win.

However, if you are more comfortable with a higher rate, then you might like to try our Higher Strike Rate (H.S.R.) service. Around 30% of these are successful.

All H.S.R selections are included in the Backing Service and are clearly identified should you wish to use different stakes for these horses.

The two Lay services both average around 90% success.

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Why Isn’t Your Strike Rate Higher?

Because we are looking solely for VALUE. It’s easy to back favourites but unlikely to be very profitable in the long run. The average price of our Backing Service winners is around 9/1 (on exchanges). Many other services artificially inflate their strike rate by betting each way. Place betting is notoriously difficult to profit from which is why we only advise Win selections.

If you are more comfortable with a higher strike rate, then you might like to try our Higher Strike Rate (H.S.R.) service. Around 30% of these win. They still provide good value but there are fewer of them. Just make sure you bet with a Best Odds Guaranteed bookmaker as most of the winners shorten in price.

All H.S.R selections are included in the Backing Service and are clearly identified should you wish to use different stakes for these horses.

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Will there be losing runs?

YES! Therefore, it is VITAL that you keep a level head and are "PDQ". Patient, Disciplined and only back Quality (value).

Again,  if you are more comfortable with a better strike rate, then you might like to try our Higher Strike Rate (H.S.R.) service. This has, generally, shorter losing runs, but will produce somewhat lower profits in the long term.

Even our Lay selections can have a bad run and the same approach is required. Be patient and disciplined and you should be rewarded in the long term.

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What sort of starting bank will I need?

The amount you are able to set aside is of course a matter for you to decide. For the Backing Service the advised stakes are based on a starting bank of £3000, although we sincerely hope you will never need to touch the vast majority of it !! If your initial bank is £3000 then we recommend you follow the advised stakes to begin with.

However, should you choose to start out with a different size bank, our Backing Service selections are also advised in points – ranging from 1 to 10. Simply divide your initial bank by 1,000 and that gives you the value for 1 point. So for example, if you start with a bank of £2,000, a 1 point bet is £2 and the maximum bet of 10 points would equate to £20.

Should you choose to sign up for the Higher Strike Rate service, we recommend you start with 50 times your stake. So if you want to place £20 bets to begin with, then a bank of £1000 is suggested.

For each of our Lay services, we recommend a minimum bank of 250 times the stake you are willing to accept. So, if you start with £2 bets you will need a £500 bank. If you want to take £10 bets you will need £2500 and so on.

These are simply guidelines. The best advice we can give you regardless of your starting bank is “Don’t be too eager to increase your stakes. Wait until you have a bad run, THEN decide when to change them and by how much.”

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Do I need to follow your staking advice?

It is not essential but the stakes are designed to minimise risk. However, a level stake approach may be more profitable in the long term.

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What stakes will be recommended and how much can I expect to make?

Our recommended stakes range from £5 to £50 on the Backing Service bets, with an average of £15. These should only be increased when the bank has trebled.
We then recommend you double the advised stakes until the bank has trebled again. If you choose to follow our advice (and results are favourable) this means that you will have increased your initial bank from £5,000 to £45,000.  Once you reach this figure, you should double the stakes again and a decent year should then yield around £20000. However, please note that there are no guarantees in horse racing and we cannot guarantee your returns. Also, please remember NEVER to bet with money you cannot afford to lose (just in case!). Please see the “user agreement” for full details.
Of course, you may decide to follow these selections using level stakes. This may result in a larger profit, although you may also experience larger reductions in your bank along the way.
For the Higher Strike Rate service, we recommend you use 1.5% of your Bank, so begin with £15 bets (assuming a bank of £1000). Don’t worry, it is extremely unlikely that you will need anywhere near that much, as this service has a very high strike rate (around 33%) and if you follow our advice and use Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers, your profits will grow very nicely. Indeed, you will very soon be backing using the bookie’s own  money. To this end, do not place any bets larger than £25 with any one bookmaker. Using a percentage of your Bank means that it will never be totally depleted and protect it when we have those inevitable bad runs.
No stakes are advised for the Lay services, other than to suggest that you use level stakes, not liability, as this ensures your risk more accurately reflects the chance of a pay-out. However, a fixed liability approach is likely to give a “smoother” ride should you prefer this method of staking. Please see the Laying Service page for details of the average profits of the respective systems.
Of course, the same caveat applies to the Higher Strike Rate and Lay services, in that we cannot guarantee returns.
Our AVERAGE profit is around £6,000 per annum. That assumes£15 is taken per Lay, advised stakes are used for the Backing bets, Betfair SP and 2% commission.

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Must I use a betting exchange to place my bets?

No. However, in order to maximise your profit it is essential to get the best possible price. This is usually found on betting exchanges, even allowing for commission. This is especially true when backing larger-priced horses.
Backing Service and Higher Strike Rate Service members are advised to back the H.S.R. selections at Best Odds Guaranteed prices as it can make an enormous difference to the profitability of these selections.
Of course, if you follow our Lay selections, you will need to use a betting exchange.

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How many bets will there be?

On average there are about 6 Backing bets per day, though this will vary from zero to perhaps 15 or more on busy days.

The Higher Strike Rate service has, on average, 1 bet per day.

The 240 Lay service averages 4 a day and the 360 Lay service has an average of 6 per day.

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