2020 Racing uses tried and tested selection methods which are designed to maximise profit. The software used to identify the day's selections has two distinct parts. The first analyses each RACE to establish its suitability as a betting contest. The second identifies any HORSE(S) in that race that should provide good value (or bad, if laying).


We call this approach "PDQ" – Patience, Discipline and Quality. Without each of these attributes, your chances of profiting from betting are minimal. We do not invent bets when there are none, and we do not alter the selection process or staking during bad runs.


We do not claim results after the event, and we do not use "early" prices to inflate our profits. All of our selections are proofed to and are based on Betfair SP after deduction of 5% commission. Please do not hesitate to check them.


We are keen to build lasting relationships with the right clients. If you are prepared for the downs as well as the ups, and appreciate that backing and laying horses will never be an exact science, then we hope you will join us on our journey.