We are delighted to report that members’ profits continue to grow nicely. At the time of writing (28th October) our Full Service members are enjoying a year-to-date profit of around £6916 in their accounts – assuming they follow our £15 per lay recommendation. This will be closer to £7500 if they have also taken early Best Odds Guaranteed prices on the H.S.R. bets as suggested.

Talking of which, although those selections are just about breaking even at Betfair SP, early prices or a Best Odds Guaranteed bookmaker would see the profits increased to around 30 points, as the majority of our winners shorten in price. As we expect over 100 winners a year, a drop in price of just half a point would equate to an extra 50 points or more if an early price is taken.

Of particular note though, is the performance of the BACKING SERVICE since the upgrade in software late last year. This has seen a profit of around £2240 in the twelve months since its introduction. Again, this is significantly increased if best odds prices are taken on the Higher Strike Rate selections.

In addition, we have recently REDUCED OUR FULL MEMBERSHIP PRICES and a year’s membership is now JUST £499.95. We have also added a NEW QUARTERLY OPTION FOR THE LAY PACKAGE.

All of which means that 2020 Racing offers you BETTER VALUE THAN EVER BEFORE.

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